Dale Luke, Owner and Principal

The mission of Encounter Data and Revenue Specialists, LLC is to help Managed Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid/Medicare plans maximize the results from encounter data by building strong encounter data management practices. Through a solid encounter data management practice, plans can achieve results in which the encounter data are submitted completely, accurately, and fully accepted by the agency to which these data are submitted.


Dale served as the leader for encounter data management at the nation’s largest MCO for more than eight years and has worked in the health care industry for more than 20 years. He built, developed, and scaled the encounter data management team through growth, mergers, and acquisitions. His team was consistently seen as the leaders in encounter data management among competitors in all markets served.

His background provides a deep understanding of state contracts, regulations, and the important uses of encounter data. He is a thought leader that can effectively socialize bottom line impacts, both positive and negative, driven by encounter data management. By clearly articulating and demonstrating the issues that arise due to ineffective encounter management, he is able to drive change within organizations that improve encounter data submissions and financial outcomes.

Prior to his work in Encounter Management, Dale worked in the consulting industry, primarily focusing on large implementation projects.

To learn more about Dale’s background, visit his LinkedIn page