While in many ways EDPS submissions are more straightforward than Medicaid, they do present their own challenges. A strong focus on revenue is key.

EDRS can help you examine all of the necessary “cluster” elements within your EDPS submissions, making sure that what you report on RAPS is present on EDPS. We can help you build reconciliations between the two data sets that allow you to know what impacts this transition may have to your revenue. EDRS can also help you build operational reporting specific to Medicare Advantage needs. Knowing the potential loss of risk score due to encounter issues will allow you to prioritize remediation work based on revenue impact.


As CMS moves from RAPS to EDPS for payment calculations, it is critical that you have the necessary insight into your EDPS data and know what the revenue impacts could be. Learn how we can help.

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The industry continues to wait for CMS to publish the final MAO-004 format and EDPS filtering logic. Are you ready to act once these are available? Learn how we can help.

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EDRS can help you prepare to act so that once the final publication of these highly important items happens, you are ready to quickly understand the impacts. We can help you prepare by building custom analytics that allow for rapid modeling and scenario building against your current EDPS submissions. Don’t be caught off guard, be ready to act.